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Michael D.

"I recently started using Zop. The Facebook Marketplace Tool . The software is easy to set up and provides a great platform for me to showcase my inventory. It's user-friendly, allows me to target potential customers, and is helping me stand out against other dealerships. I no longer have to post my vehicles manually. Highly Recommend it to all dealerships. "

George N.

"I recently tried the Facebook Marketplace Posting Tool to help me post my inventory into Facebook. It was easy to set up and I quickly got results with just a few clicks. The tool has a great interface and is user-friendly. Highly recommend it for anyone looking to increase their visibility on Facebook Marketplace!"

Nora .W

"I recently hired Zop to help me promote my dealership. They were very knowledgeable, professional and are delivering great results. Nelly is very responsive and easy to work with, always available when I need to speak with her. Very Happy!"